Registration for 2022 Semesters Is Now Open.

Accepting new student enrollments for 1st thru 5th grades.

Fast Facts

More About Kamit Prep
2022 Enrollment


Percentage KPI graduates who
gain acceptance to their school
of choice.


Percentage of KPI alumni who
complete 4-year degree programs
in college.


Average class size grades 1-12. This enables closer monitoring and customized, adaptable care for each student.


Number of performance arts
courses in KPI’s renown Cultural
Arts Program

Master Educators who attend holistically to each child’s development pathways.

Founded in 1980 by a homeschooling collective of African-American families, Kamit Prep’s faculty are lifelong community members, with a vested interest in premium education and character development.

With small class sizes, Kamit Prep is able to be one of very few schools in NYC offering live face-to-face instruction via Zoom, with 1-on-1 supplemental sessions where needed.


KPI Faculty

Our Grads go on to attend the colleges of
their choice; HBCUs, Ivys, and SUNY Schools.


Teachers, with over 25 years of experience, deliver KPIs signature education that nurtures the whole child in a safe, supportive, and culturally conscious environment. KPI significantly expands enrollment opportunities for students and families beyond Brooklyn, New York.


KPI exists to inspire students to reach their fullest intellectual and spiritual potential. We engage students in a rich academic curriculum, and foster a love of learning through the arts.
Kamit Preparatory Institute is a learning community, where shared values, cooperation, independent thinking and decision-making infuse every aspect of each child’s school day. Our goal is that KPI students will approach their daily activities with responsibility, enthusiasm, respect for the ideas and accomplishments of others, and a spirit of inquiry that is fueled by joy and passion for learning. We provide a safe and comfortable educational environment for all students.
While helping them to recognize that learning is a process, our faculty and staff encourage all students to think creatively. We want our students to approach each task actively, curiously and thoughtfully. Clarity of expression and thoroughness of presentation are goals that KPI students should strive to achieve, consistently.
Children mature and develop at different rates; we challenge our students but at the same time maintain realistic performance expectations. We want our students to strive for excellence, to fully achieve their potential, and to progress as members of a learning community.

  • Community Connection
  • Ideal Academic Environment
  • Extensive Cultural Arts
  • Progressive PhysEd
  • Monthly Celebrations
  • Creativity
  • Exploration
  • Collaboration
  • Parent Involvement
  • Affordable Tuition Based