In-Class Presentation: Fri. 3/30/18

This will be our second in-class presentation for the purpose of practice. It will be recorded. Come in presentation attire.

Prep Checklist:

You should have a 5-10 Page Essay detailing your career pursuit in paragraph form. See sample essays from The Nu Professionals in the group email titled: “Millennial Renaissance”.
Create a Slide-Show using PowerPoint. Avoid Prezi, because we all need to use the same platform for a stream-line presentation experience on the final Presentation Day.
You have one presentation topic, but can employ any of several different innovative schemes by which your presentation will be delivered. Will your stage-show be a reenactment, a mock interview, radio show, TV or Movie, narrated video, time-lapse video-recorded illustrated story-board, video-recording of a hand-built model, etc.??
Spend a good amount of time gathering visual – photo and video – inspiration connecting to your project. Binge-gather (a) videos of inspiring presentations – TedX and other, youth and adult, (b) photos and videos of people, places and things that represent your concept, (c) inspirational public figures – who are the thought-leaders and trail-blazers in your field or even a field similar to yours?
List ALL equipment you need to build out your project, supplies you’ll need on presentation day, props, people and their roles, etc. Create a budget, include it in the materials you turn in and submit it to your parents.

Below are photos and videos of your work so far. You all have laid a foundation. Keep going.


Class of 2016 Exit Projects: June 10, 2016

“Nu Professionals” meant ‘re-defining professionalism’ by innovating their career fields with a sense of agency specifically regarding reclaiming ancestral (Nu) values as well as paving a way for African values to enter tomorrow’s leading industries.

Project Concepts:

“Re-Gentrify” East Brooklyn, of which Brownsville is iconic so far as it features a population density that justifies mega-development and that given its ethnic demographic, it best demonstrates environmental racism right here in our city.
Hri sought to design a product that aligns with our greater need to protect and preserve the environment.
A 5-minute animated film based on “Zen” and a supporting cast of characters who struggle through an intricate plots that mirrors and dramatizes the actual growing pains that teens face, at the intersection of culture and adolescence.
Autqem designed story-boards for an innovative game concept.
Answering “Oscars So White” with “Ptah So Right!”. Designing an annual Awards Show and platform which celebrates the contributions of Blacks and Latinos in the Arts. Additionally, envisioning the construction of a next-gen modern Arts Center introducing bleeding edge architecture and social facility in the heart of East Brooklyn.
Envisioning a Black American and African Fashion Week. Giving voice and platform to the unsung genius that has always existed among blacks, despite our exclusion in the highest spaces in the business of fashion. What we consider “African clothes” is actually 85% Euro-manufactured products coming from the European company, Vlisco. Such obscenities are pondered in this project.
We are living in a war-zone, and the bodegas are the land mines. Every day, our youth voluntarily fill up paper-bags with self-destructive contraband. How do we get out of this death-trap? How do we design social programs that scratch this recipe for disaster off of our cultural menu?

Below are clips of the work in action.

On-Stage Presentations:

Hri Bernard: “SOLTECH”

Bennuaube Amen: “BROWNSVILLE HEIGHTS 2025” (This the final video that accompanied the stage show, stage-show video coming soon..)

Historical Anthropology | Fall 2014-Spring 2015

We discussed how history allows us to study anthropology – definitions of Self, Society, Global events and the responsibilities therein – from an African perspective.

Black Prophetic Fire Book:

Dr. Cornel West provides one of this day’s most enlightening analyses of black society and its role in recent history. We read the text, Black Prophetic Fire, and spent a semester reflecting on how today’s student – tomorrow’s leader – can reach in a muster up the sense of agency, the hereditary virtue of black prophetic energy, that is needed to finish the job of lifting modern society up to moral standards that were once known to wise ancients and that promise to once more enable sustainable multi-cultural living models that support a bright way forward.

Below are clips of the students speaking about current events in terms of the presence or lack of prophetic agency in select instances.

Video Clips Coming Soon

These four women came to KPI to speak at length with the High School students.

Visiting Professionals:

Azania Shange: Actor, Radio Show Host, KPI Alum

Teri Johnson: Travel Journalist on Travel Channel, Owner – Harlem Candle Co.  |

Simone Small: Fashion Marketing Consultant, International Model

Nicole G. Valentine, Esq.: Corporate Lawyer, Founder Winly Mobile App & Book, AMEX Open Forum Writer  |  |  |

KPI hosts Commander Jim Jackson,

Aircraft Mission Commander, US Navy

Our students will query the African American Legacy in Aviation and Aerospace Aeronautics with Commander Jim Jackson of the Black Navy Admirals Organization.

Commander Jim Jackson has a story to tell about African American heroes. An authentic, inspiring, and compelling story about men and women in the Armed Services who through courage, guts, and tenacity, broke sound barriers and race barriers, flew in combat and in space, commanded ships and served as America’s highest ranking admirals, astronauts, and pilots. These heroes are African Americans. And their stories are remarkable because they bridged a great divide between what was… and what was possible—entering service branches and professions at a time when African Americans were virtually barred from participating.

Photo & Video Coverage Coming Soon

Qef Johnson held a Career Day featuring visiting professionals who lent some real-world wisdom to our student body.


ENENSA AMENSenior Advisor